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The Beckett Trilogy Tickets

The Coronet TheatreLondon
“The unparalleled Beckett champions…” return to the UK

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“The unparalleled Beckett champions…” (New York Times) Gare St Lazare Ireland return to The Coronet Theatre with their acclaimed Beckett Trilogy. The company’s precise and elegant work makes Beckett accessible to all, highlighting the humour and humanity in his writing.

The three novels, Molloy, Malone Dies & The Unnamable, written at the same time as Waiting for Godot, made up what the writer considered his “Important work”. Acclaimed actor Conor Lovett and award-winning director Judy Hegarty Lovett give powerful life to the essence of each of these novels in a production establishing them as the leading exponents of Beckett’s work.

In Molloy a man recounts his effort to visit his aging mother. En route he is arrested for indecently resting and encounters an old woman and her dog with dire consequences. Molloy is one of Beckett’s most poignant characters whose view of society, and the world, is as funny as it is true.

Malone Dies begins with the narrator Malone on his deathbed, telling himself stories as he bides his time. He finally hits on a character, McMann, whose story involving an asylum, a lunatic nurse and an Easter Sunday outing to the islands, resulting in a bloodbath worthy of a Tarantino movie.

The Unnamable dispenses with story entirely as the nameless narrator tries to make sense of his existence. Beckett’s beautiful investigation of inner turmoil is intensely unforgettable.. The novel ends with Beckett’s famous lines, “I can’t go on, I must go on, I’ll go on.”

The Beckett Trilogy was first performed in 2001.